Video Conversions

If you want copies of 100's of DVD or 100 copies of a single DVD, we can turn your order around very quickly.  We have helped many schools, universities, local clubs from small business to large corporations.


1 - 100 Slides  £40

101 - 200 Slides £80

£8.00 each

VHS, VHSc, Mini DV, Video 8, Hi 8, Digital 8, Betamax

from £3.00 each

1 - 50        £4.00 each
50 - 99      £3.50 each

100+        £3.00 each

Cine Film comes in various lengths and widths, some with sound, some without.

Pricing ranges from:

£12 to £50 per reel.

Contact us to discuss your order and we can provide you with a free (no obligation) quote.

Transferred to CD for playback on any compatible CD Player or provided as MP3 for playback on any compatible MP3 Player

(i.e. iPod/iPhone)

DVD Duplication:

Slides are scanned at a high resolution to ensure we capture the best of them and saved as a .JPG File (for emailing, printing, putting on Social Media etc).  We also provide you with a Slideshow on a DVD for playback on your TV.

Vinyl LP's / Audio Cassettes:

Damaged Tapes?:



For more information on how to decide which format to convert to (DVD, Digital or Both), CLICK HERE

Price On Application

All standard video formats.


​Cine Film:


Transferred to

Digital File

What do we charge for providing such an outstanding service?

We can usually repair damaged video cassettes.

We don't charge for repairs, we will carry out the repair if necessary prior to converting.

Opening Times

​Monday to Thursday 9.00am to 4.30pm

Friday 9.00am to 3pm

We do offer an

'out of hours' & 'collections'

service with prior arrangement

Both DVD and Digital File

​​35mm Slides:



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