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ALLtoDVD began converting Video to DVD in 2005.

With a fairly extensive collection of Home Movies in various formats we began to realise how important some of these items had become.

Most videos were just 'fun memories' like Holidays, Parties, Christenings and Birthdays, but others were very precious and had become irreplaceable.

Several videos were of Family Members that had since passed away, childrens first steps and the all important Wedding Video.  A solution needed to be found to preserve these memories so that they could be enjoyed in the same quality for years to come.

Local companies and high street stores offered a Video to DVD transfer service but the prices were high and they didn't seem to have any expertise in this field. 

We therefore decided to undertake the challenge of converting the videos to DVD ourselves.

We found there were several methods for doing this and all presented their own difficulties.

We purchased the latest video to DVD converter software and capture devices, which were soon returned for a refund due to reliability issues and poor image quality.

After several experiments and research, we developed a method using specialised equipment that enabled us to capture video and preserve it onto DVD with no loss of quality. we use a manual process to do this, there is no PC is involved.

We were now able to transfer VHS to DVD and achieve outstanding results.

The word soon spread between Friends and Family and by the end of 2005 ALLtoDVD was born.

More recently, the demand by customers is for us to convert videos to other digital formats for storage on a PC Hard Drive, to be shared on Social Media or uploaded to 'Cloud' storage.  So again we have evolved to be able to offer this service, providing a high quality digital file, and still keep the cost down to a minimum. To see pricing: click here

To find out if you would be best to get your videos transferred to DVD or a Digital File, click here to find out more.

Due to the demand, Since 2005, we have refined and expanded the Video to DVD transfer operation.  We perform up to 250 x video conversions per week and can convert all formats of video with no loss of quality.

We are happy to convert a single video right up to larger orders from our Corporate Customers and Media Production Companies, orders that often number several hundred videos at a time.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements and find the right solution to your Video to DVD conversion.